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What does a membership to get you?

I'm JJ (Plush) a part time full figured pin up and bondage model turned full time producer. I run this site. I'm not going to pretend to be a big company and say "we" or "our" it's me as the model or rigger and me editing the clips and posting the updates. I will have help from a special someone with technical stuff -that is not my forte, but I'm learning!

Soooo what a membership gets you is FULL DOWNLOADABLE clips and photosets of all kinds of girls in all sorts of bondage. I like heels and hosiery ,big gags and tight bondage, so most of what you see will feature those things. You will get at least 3 clip updates per week (and that does not mean parts 1, 2 and 3 of the same girl in the same situation spread out, they will be unique updates). There will also be free additional photosets and bonus clip updates. I will be posting my brand new content here as I shoot it as well as older stuff that has been on my clips4sale store and on other websites. You can browse the site and see exactly what you will be getting,
no trickery or wondering what is inside. You see it all. I won't be rotating or
removing old content, so if you don't feel like downloading stuff one week, you can always get it the next!

You can leave nice comments and constructive criticism on clips and photosets...but offensive stuff will be removed. I will try to seduce my model and rigger friends to be active on the site as well. I will keep a bondage blog that will be on the site if you have any interest in that, but of course if not just ignore it.To be honest, I'm not all that computer savvy and lots of pay sites confuse me and I hate looking at them and not knowing what the heck I'll get when I join, but with this site there is no guessing, everything you get is here for you to see. There is a "Browse by Category" menu so you can look for your favorite model, rigger, type of tie and a variety of other things. If you get lost you can push the "Home" button and go back to the most recent update.

If membership sites aren't for you check out my individual clips at

Thanks for taking a look!